The Book Outfitter offers Custom Premades for those who want the details and specifications of a custom with the ease and pricing of a premade. 

Frequently asked questions

How do Custom Premades work?

Custom Premades are simple. Unlike Custom Covers, they do not require a deposit. You simply fill out the Custom Premade form, and if your cover is chosen to be made into a premade, you will be notified, shown the cover, and receive a link to purchase it. You will have 48 hours from the time you receive the link to complete your purchase. If you choose not to purchase the cover, that's fine too! The cover will then be sold as a premade to anyone who chooses to claim it.

Am I guaranteed to receive a Custom Premade?

Filling out the Custom Premade form does NOT guarantee that you will receive a cover. It is, in essence, a type of raffle. I will frequently go through the submissions and choose one at my discretion. However, you ARE guaranteed to have first buying rights to your premade, should yours be chosen.

How can I increase my chances of receiving a Custom Premade?

I choose Custom Premades based on a few factors:

  1. Has the author put enough thought into the form to make it worth my while?
  2. Is the idea specific, and yet general enough to sell as a premade should the author pass on the cover? (For example, purple-skinned humans with elephant trunks and togas are likely not going to sell to many people. A brunette vampire in a leather jacket with a cross around her neck, on the other hand, might.)
  3. Will this premade require more time than it is worth?
Keeping this is mind, the best way to increase your chances of receiving a Custom Premade are being detailed in your form, being flexible with your ideas, doing your research into your genre, and not requesting 3D-rendered space battles with an army of purple-skinned, elephant-trunked, toga-wearing humans marching into battle on an alien planet against an invisible malignant force. (Though should you be writing a novel of the sort, I'd be fascinated to hear where in the world you stumbled upon that idea.)

What is the price of a Custom Premade?

Like my normal premades, the price of a Custom Premade will vary in accordance with the time it took to create it and the resources used in the process. However, you can expect the price to range from $100 to $300. If for any reason it exceeds this range (very rare), I will notify you beforehand, as well as offer you a payment plan should you choose to purchase it.

What if I like it but want a revision before I purchase?

Every premade I sell (custom or not), includes these alterations: 1. Text Changes (Author Name, Title, Series Name, Tagline)
2. Tagline or Series Name Addition or Removal
3. Minimal Cover Resizing (ie. 5x8 to 6x9)
4. Minimal Color Changes (Hair Color, Eye Color, Small Elements, etc.)
5. Font Color Should your revision consist of any of the above, please reach out to me within the 48 hours of having received your premade and I will make the requested alterations free of charge. If you want anything other than the alterations listed above, you will be subject to extra fees. If they are minor changes (those that will take no more than 2 hours to complete), you will be charged the normal revision fee of $30. Anything larger than that will incur other fees that will be disclosed to you prior to any purchase or change being done.

What if I decide I want the cover after I've already passed on it?

Once you pass on a cover—regardless of whether your 48 hours have passed—the cover will be put up for sale. If you change your mind and the cover is still available, great! You can purchase it. However, if the cover has already been purchased, than unfortunately, unless the other buyer backs out, I can no longer sell it to you. For this reason, if you are on the fence about your cover, I recommend you take your time before purchasing or passing on your cover. Remember, you've got a full two days to make the decision!

What if I decide I don't want the cover after I've already purchased it?

My premade covers (custom or not) all come with a 100% refund guarantee if you let me know within 48 hours of your completed purchase. If you decide within 48 hours that you no longer want the cover, you are guaranteed your money back, no questions asked. If 48 hours have passed, I allow all clients to resell premade covers to other authors, as long as they let me know beforehand, as the new buyer will have to sign a contract and pay for any extra alterations. Other than that, the cover is free to use as you please!

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