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The Book Outfitter offers Custom Premades for those who want the details and specifications of a custom with the ease and pricing of a premade. 

  • How does the process work?
    1. You decide what services you want on the Customs page. (Tip: You can calculate your own quote to see what the final price will be by clicking here.) 2. Begin a Custom Cover Consultation booking. 3. Within the booking form, check off the services that you want and provide the information for your book. 4. Book your consultation date. *Consultations must occur a minimum of 2 business days after you book in order for us to have enough time to provide you with a cover concept. Exceptions for Expedited customers only. 5. After booking your consultation date, visit the Custom Services Shop and purchase the amount of Cover Concepts you requested. * 6. Once your payment and booking are received, you should recieve a confirmation email with a Google Hangouts link. 6. On the date and time of your consultation, click on the link. We will have a 30-minute consultation in which I will provide you with the concept cover(s). You will give your input and choose what you want. *Should you want another concept cover, you must make another booking and buy another concept cover. 7. Once the concept cover is approved, you will receive an invoice for 50% of the price for your cover design, cover format and stock photo(s) (if applicable). * 8. After I have received your deposit, I will design your cover and email you a link to view a watermarked version within 5-10 business days. 9. If you want changes made to your cover, you may request a revision. You will send me the list of all of the things you want altered and pay the revision deposit. 10. I will make the revisions you asked for and email you the revised watermarked version within 1-2 business days. Should you need more changes made, refer to Step 9. 11. Once you are satisfied with your cover file, you will pay the remainder of the 50% and I will send you your full cover file(s). 12. If you requested any mock-ups, graphics or other add-ons, they will be created once the remainder of your deposit is paid and sent along with the cover file(s). *Mock-ups and graphics may be purchased through the Custom Services Shop. *Please Note: Additional alterations for add-ons may be subject to a fee.
  • How does your custom pricing work?
    Each service is priced according to the average time it takes to complete it. While our basic design rate is $30/hour, charging by the hour can be complicated and prone to misunderstandings. Thus, we made sure to calculate a fair, affordable and transparent price to guarantee that you know everything you'll be paying beforehand. No surprises.
  • How long will it take to receive my custom cover?
    This depends almost entirely on you! Once I have received your deposit and cover form, I will create some rudimentary concept covers (the amount is up to you) and get them to you during our Cover Consultation session. After you have approved a concept cover, it will take from 5-10 business days to receive your finished cover. You may then choose whether you want to make any revisions to it. Each revision session costs $45 and takes 1-2 business days, so make sure you list all of the things you want revised, so we can get your cover to you in as few sessions as possible.
  • What if I need my cover now?
    If for any reason you need a custom cover urgently, I offer payment options for faster delivery times. These include the entire process of cover creation. Keep in mind that concept covers and revisions take time, so be aware when quoting that the more you choose, the longer it will take. In addition, this process depends on your input, so please be available for contact within acceptable business hours (UTC-3). The quicker you get back to me, the quicker I can get your cover to you! Expedited (1-3 Business Days): $50 Fast (3-5 Business Days): $30
  • How does payment work?
    Paypal is our friend.
  • What if I don't like my custom cover?
    While I will do my best to make sure your cover is everything you dreamed of, you are under no obligation to keep a cover you do not like. If the only thing you do not like are minor tweaks, you may purchase an extra revision session and I will happily fix it for you. If the whole cover does not suit your fancy and you purchased an Image Manipulation cover, I will refund you 100% of your money (with the exception of the initial booking deposit). If you purchased a Vector or Illustrated cover, I will refund you 50% of your money (with the exception of the initial booking deposit). In addition, I reserve the right to sell your cover as a premade.
  • Will your premades be sold more than once?
    No! Every premade is sold only once. Once a premade is paid for, you will receive a downloadable certificate with a special code that only you know. You will need to send this code along with the details you want customized in order to recieve your premade.
  • How do you price your premades?
    Premades come in three price varieties: $80, $100, $120. The category they fall into depends on the amount of stock photos used and the time it took.
  • Can I get a paperback cover designed for a premade?
    Yes! All premades can receive the same services offered for customs, including personalized paperback and hardback covers! To check out all services offered, visit the Customs page.
  • Can I get a series designed for a premade?
    Of course! Most cover designs for series will fall under Custom pricing, as we make every cover from scratch in order to make sure your cover stands out, no matter what book it is. However, if you believe you have an exception, please feel free to reach out to us and we will get back to you as soon as we can with a custom quote.
  • Where do you get your stock photos from?
    I get my stock photos from Depositphotos! However, if you have a stock photo you absolutely need that is not on Depositphotos, I would be happy to purchase that one instead. Note, however, that if the photo is more than my usual stock price ($5), you may need to pay an extra fee to cover it.

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