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Custom cover clients are scheduled every Monday and Thursday for 48-hour periods. While most covers will be completed within this time period, the process will be heavily dependent on the client’s communication with the designer.  If a lack of communication on the client’s part results in delays, turn-around time may take longer than expected.


Clients should first reach out to The Book Outfitter to discuss their preferred bundle through this form, whether it be a pre-built one or one they created themselves, as well as their desires and expectations. Once we have agreed on the best plan for the Client, they will receive a link to book their appointment, as well as a contract and cover brief. Clients must fill out their cover briefs at least 72 hours before their scheduled appointment. This will allow for a timely completion process. The Book Outfitter will not be held responsible for delays incurred by a client’s failure to fill out the form in a timely manner.


Client will receive their requested concept covers on the morning of their appointment. Once the client approves of a concept and pays the first half of their invoice, creation will begin. Please be reminded that this is a collaborative process, and creation may be stagnated without client approval. For this reason, The Book Outfitter asks all clients to be tuned into their emails on the days leading up to and the day of their appointment.



At only 13, Beatriz had her first foray into Photoshop. What started as a hobby soon turned into something much greater. In the many years since, Beatriz has studied and worked as a graphic designer, developing her skills in other Adobe programs (such as InDesign, Illustrator and After Effects) as well as furthering her knowledge of Photoshop. During her career, she has worked as a social media manager, a logo designer, a video editor for book trailers, among others professions. Despite all that, her true passion and specialty has always lied in book cover design. 

As an avid reader and part-time writer herself, Beatriz understands the importance of a quality, marketable cover. While pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Narrative Studies at the University of Southern California, she explored the world of storytelling in both traditional and modern forms. She studied how marketing agencies use storytelling to grip consumers, how the human brain is drawn to story, and how to use narrative to persuade customers to buy a product.


As an author, your cover is your best marketing tool. It is a story in and of itself. It hints not only at the novel it holds between its pages, but also at the world potential readers imagine when they look at it. The story of your book may be worthy of a Pulitzer, but it is the story of your cover that will put your book into the right hands and get it seen. Beatriz is dedicated to making sure that the story your cover tells is professional, detailed and captivating. Above all, she aims to create a cover that you can be proud to call yours.

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